Quality control…

is an important aspect of every job we complete at Lanlyn.

Our first pass acceptance rate is unsurpassed.

Many of our customers utilize JIT manufacturing techniques and depend on their vendors to supply them with perfect parts
precisely when they’re needed. At Lanlyn our commitment to total quality systems is evident throughout the manufacturing
process from the clean manufacturing environment to the way our customers’ parts are meticulously packaged.

Our quality standard for inspection requires that 100% of every dimension and every piece be checked for orders up to
25 pieces and every 5th part for orders above that quantity.

Lanlyn guarantees the quality of their work.

Here is the inspection equipment Lanlyn uses to ensure that customers’ parts are manufactured to specification.

• Brown & Sharpe coordinate measuring machine

• ST 14-inch optical comparator

• Gage blocks

• Deltronic gages

• Thread gages/rings & plugs

• Sunnen dial bore gages to 6″

• Micrometers to 8 inches

• Verniers to 24 inches

• Tenth indicators

• Brown & Sharpe height check

• Granite surface plates

• Sine bars

• Nikon Digital Camera

• Complete assortment of measuring devices

• Various other standard inspection devices to ensure compliance to customer specifications


Quality Control System to Government Specifications including MIL-I-45208A

At Lanlyn our goal is ZERO DEFECT